Todd Carlson leads an exciting discussion about Duluth watersheds.

Learning about water

Classroom curricula and other resources

An awareness of watershed processes can begin at an early age. The curriculum links to the left will assist you in preparing lessons for pre-school through highschool aged students. Find out what other local schools are doing using the local school stewardship links. Don't forget to explore all of the great information presented on this website. Why not start by sending your student on a scavenger hunt of the website?

Scavenger hunt worksheet
Scavenger hunt answers

The city of Superior has developed a tool for teachers which alows calcuation of stormwater run-off volumes follwing a rain event. Find links and more information here.

Looking for a more formal introduction? Click here to view this powerpoint presentation explaining the website: (WARNING - this file is 6.7 MB)

Click on the map to download a larger version (pdf file 269 KB). It shows the streams and watersheds in Duluth -- use it to find the watershed where you live.  

Click on the poster to see a larger version. Students at Stowe Elementary, together with the St. Louis River Citizens Action Committe, put together this poster reminding all of us how to take care of our watersheds.

Whether you're using the curriculum provided on this website, or developing your own, there is lots of fun to be had when studying our local waters.