Learn how impervious surfaces (like roofs, parking lots and driveways) impact Duluth Streams here. How has the urban enviroment changed the watershed? Visit the Urban Hydrology page.

Reduce runoff with alternative building materials

Innovative technologies and building techniques can reduce the amount of water that runs off of our properties and parking lots by allowing water to infiltrate the soil. Driveway tips

  • Design shorter and narrower drives
  • Design wide turnaround areas only where needed
  • Design drives to follow land contours and drain to pervious areas
  • Use pervious alternatives such as grid pavers and block pavers.

    Grid pavers

    Block pavers

    Read about advances in porous asphalt (2003) and porous pavement.

Sidewalk tips
  • Use paved sidewalks sparingly
  • Separate sidewalks from driveway, road & drainage system by vegetated strips
  • Consider pervious alternatives.

Residential Roofs
Residential Roof water is relatively clean, and can be easily taken out of the stormwater loop:
  • Redirect down spouts to pervious areas
  • Capture rainwater in rain barrels and rain gardens.
  • Consider a green roof! Click here to learn more.