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If you see something in a local stream or lake that doesn’t look right, call or e-mail a City or State office near you to report it. Things to look for include yard waste, discoloration, excess mud from construction sites, unusual odors or fumes, illegal dumping, and gas or oil spills.

Live in a township or village? Call Duluth, Superior, MPCA, or the DNR to report a potential water pollution problem.


Call(or find e-mail address here):

  • Duluth Stormwater Utility: 218-730-4130 day or 217-730-4000 evening
  • Superior Environmental Services: 715-394-0392
  • MN Pollution Control Agency-Duluth: 218-723-4660
  • MN Duty Officer: 1-800-422-0798
  • WI Dept of Natural Resources-Superior: 715-395-6907 or  395-6913
  • WI Emergency Management: 1-800-943-0003
  • Regional Communities: See RSPT Contacts.

Operating a motorized vehicle in a stream or wetland ...

In Duluth, MN it is illegal to do this on City land as covered by City Code 45-6.3, making all city land off-limits to ATVs, off-road motorcycles and trucks.
  • To make a report (non emergency, not requiring a patrol car to come to your location) call (218)730-5400
  • Emergency - call 9-1-1
  • Check on-line for more contact info
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