Duluth Urban Watershed Advisory Committee: Protecting Water Quality and Enhancing Resilience to Flooding through Community Collaboration

Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

2019 - 2020

Meeting Minutes for 2019 - 2020 can be found on this Google Drive folder.

Summary of 2019 - 2020 Meetings.

General: Forest Legacy Program, TMDL Update, Convo on GI Audit Funding & Watershed Storage Research Needs

Agenda (PDF) & Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Forest Legacy Presentation (PDF)

Forest Legacy Information Sheet (PDF)


Regulations, Ordinances & Policies: Construction & Post Construction Maintenance

Agenda (PDF) & Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Main Take-aways for Ordinance Integration (PDF)


General Meeting: New Contract, Project Priorities & Review of Areas of Agreement

Agenda (PDF) & Meeting Minutes (PDF) & Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Potential Grant Opportunities (PDF)

DUWAC Project Priority List (PDF)

Regulations, Ordinances & Policies Topic Prioritization List (PDF)


Community Capacity Building: Beavers - engineering marvels and managed rodents: Agenda-Minutes

Marty Rye (Forest Hydrologist, USFS) - Role of Beaver in Riverine Management (Presentation PDF)

Deserae Hendrickson (Fisheries Supervisor, MnDNR) - MN DNR Beaver Management

Martha Minchak (Wildlife Manager, MnDNR) - MN DNR Beaver Management (Handouts: Beaver Control Flow Chart JPEG; LGU Beaver Control Flow Chart JPEG; Drainage Authority Beaver Control Flow Chart JPEG; Beaver Control Resources PDF; DNR Advice on How to Deal with Beavers PDF)

Emma Burgeson (WRS Grad Student, UMD), Hannah Behar (WRS Grad Student, UMD) & Karen Gran (Fluvial Geomorphologist, UMD) - Beaver, Trout & the Knife River Watershed (Presentation PDF)

LSProject: beavers and their relationship with the Lake Superior Region (WTIP North Shore Community Radio) (exit)

Beaver Dam Collapse YouTube Video (exit)

Beavers are engineering a new Alaskan tundra (Science News PDF)

A Review of Beaver-Salmonid Relationships and History of Management Actions in the Western Great Lakes (USA) Region (Scientific Article PDF)


DNR Culvert Database and Various Group Updates: Agenda-Minutes

MN DNR Culvert Inventory Application Suite Website (exit)

MN DNR Culvert Inventory Application Suite Poster (PDF)

Project Priority Summary Matrix


Regulations, Ordinances & Policies: Driveways & Shoreland Standards

Agenda-Minutes* and PowerPoint (PDF)

Driveway Ordinance Guiding Questions PDF

*Useful references and websites linked within the minutes*


Prioritize WRAPS Strategies: Agenda-Minutes

Revised & Consolidated Summary of Watershed-wide WRAPS Strategies

Aug 2018

No meeting


MOU & WRAPS Strategies: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint

Final MOU

Summary of Watershed-wide WRAPS Strategies


Community Capacity Building: Stormwater Tour


Stormwater Tour Map & Key

UMD Stormwater Tour Map

Apr - May 2018

Community Meetings: Handout (PDF) and MOU Draft (PDF)


Finalize MOU: Agenda

Note: Meeting canceled due to low attendance


Regulations, Ordinances & Policies: Stormwater Ordinance Review


Round-Table Convo: What is Working (JPEG), Not Working (JPEG), and Could Improve (JPEG)

Community Scoping & Stormwater Management Standards Worksheets

Ordinance Review Worksheet


Draft MOU Round 2: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint (PDF)


2017 Evaluation Responses: Results (PDF)


Community Capacity Building: Twin Ports Green Infrastructure & Overview

Meeting Summary

Jesse Schomberg (Coastal Communities and Land Use Planning Extension Educator for MN Sea Grant) - Green Infrastructure Introduction (Presentation PDF)

Julia Noordyk (Water Quality Outreach Specialist for WI Sea Grant) - Codes & Ordinances and Their Role in GI

Kristy DeVera (Water Resources Program Coordinator for the City of Superior, WI) - City of Superior Approach to GI (Presentation PDF)


Draft MOU Round 1: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint (PDF)

DRAFT MOU Round 1 (w/comments) (PDF)

Evaluation Questions (PDF)


Regulations, Oridnances & Policies & Community Capacity Building: Wetlands & Wetland Conservation

Meeting Summary & Meeting Questions

DUWAC was joined by David Demmer from Board of Soil and Water Resrources (BWSR) and Daryl Wierzbinski from US Army Corpos of Enginners (USACE) for a conversation-style presentation.

Nov 2017

Community Newsletters:

City of Duluth

City of Hermantown

City of Proctor

City of Rice Lake

Gnesen Township

Lakewood Township

Midway Township

Normanna Township

Thomson Township


WRAPS Follow-Up: Agenda-Minutes

WRAPS Break-Out Session Guiding Questions (PDF)


TMDL Follow-Up: Agenda-Minutes and Powerpoint (PDF)


WRAPS and TMDL Introduction: Agenda-Minutes

Jesse Schomberg (MN Sea Grant) - WRAPS, where have we been, and where are we headed (Presentation PDF)

Jennifer Olson (TetraTech) - WRAPS, TMDLs, HSPF model, and TetraTech's role

Members completed a community mapping exercise (PDF) led by TetraTech.

Wetlands Topic Sheet (PDF)


Subcommittee Review: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint (PDF)

Subcommittee Meeting Notes from March Meetings: PDF Handout

March 2017

Subcommittees Met Around the Following Topics:

Agency Cooperation & Engagement: Agenda (PDF)

Community Training and Capacity Building: Agenda (PDF)

Project Identification, Tracking, and Prioritization: Agenda (PDF) (PDF)

Regulations, Ordinances & Policies: Agenda (PDF)

Restoration/Preservation/Protection: Agenda (PDF)

Subcommittee Meeting Summaries (PDF)


Moving Forward - New Contract: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint (PDF)

February 2017 Committee Update: Handout


Wrapping Up the First Two Years: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint (PDF)

Summary of Community Meetings: Outline (PDF)

December 2016 Committee Update: Handout

Oct - Nov:



Presentation to Communities: PowerPoint (PDF)

Summary & Voting on Management Models: Overview Handout (PDF)

Fall 2016 Committee Update: Handout


Final Review of Managment Models: Agenda-Minutes and PowerPoint (PDF)

Fist-to-Five Voting: Results (Excel)

September 2016 Committee Update: Handout


Review of Managment Models: Agenda-Minutes

Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Model: Summary Results

Overview of Management Models: PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Wetland Conservation Act & Wetland Delineation: PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

August 2016 Committee Update: Handout


Residual Designation Authority & Toronto Living City: Agenda-Minutes

Learn more about Toronto Living City here.

June 2016 Committee Update: Handout


Joint Powers: Agenda-Minutes

Joint Powers Worksheet: Summary Results

Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization: PowerPoint Presentation

Miller Creek Joint Powers Board (1998): Joint Powers Agreement

April 2016 Committee Update: Handout


Voluntary Cooperation: Agenda-Minutes

Voluntary Cooperation Worksheet: Summary Results


Harbor Technical Advisory Committee: PowerPoint Presentation

Regional Stormwater Protection Team: Prezi Presentation

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) & MS4: Prezi Presentation

March 2016 Committee Update: Handout


Open House

Did you miss the Duluth WRAPS Open House? Or do you want to see the presentations? Find links here:

What has the Duluth WRAPS Committee been up to in 2015? - Handout

Duluth WRAPS Overview, Activities, and Goals Pdf Presentation - Jesse Schomberg

What's Stressing Our Streams Prezi Presentation - Kate Kubiak

How to use the LakeSuperiorStreams DataViewer Tools Pdf Presentation - Andrea Crouse

Link to "How To" videos for using the LakeSuperiorStreams DataViewer Tools - YouTube



Meeting presentation

Water Regulations (Shoreland Protection Act) presentation



Meeting presentation



Meeting presentation

Watershed Game

TMDL presentation

MPCA's Impaired Streams Webpage



Meeting presentation

Fist-To-Five Modified Consensus

Visioning Responses

Learn more about Watershed Managment Organizations, Watershed Districts, and the MN Association of Watershed Districts. Read more about the Toronto Living City



Ground Rules

Impaired Streams in Duluth urban area

Project Overview Presentation-Brian Fredrickson

Monitoring Plan Presentation-Rich Axler

Contact Local Decision Makers

Elected Officials


Duluth Streams

Amity Creek
Brewery Creek
Buckingham Creek
Chester Creek
Clarkhouse Creek
Coffee Creek
Gary Street Creek
Greys Creek
Keene Creek
Kingsbury Creek
Knowlton Creek
Lester River
Merritt Creek
Miller Creek
Mission Creek
Morgan Park Creek
Oregon Creek
Sargent Creek
St. Louis River
Stewart Creek
Tischer Creek
U.S. Steel Creek
34th Ave E Creek
37th Ave E Creek
38th Ave E Creek
40th Ave E Creek
43rd Ave E Creek
47th Ave E Creek
50th Ave E Creek
58th Ave E Creek
32nd Ave W Creek
82nd Ave W Creek


Understanding Impairments and TMDLs

Understanding Landscapes

Geology Highlights


Solstice Flood

Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT)