Split Rock Lighthouse -- south of Beaver Bay

Beaver Bay, Minnesota

Beaver Bay is a small community (population ~204) situated at the mouth of the Beaver River. It is the oldest community on the North Shore. A nineteenth century grist mill was located at the falls of the Beaver River, and for years it has been a summer colony. The river has good trout fishing, and a community smelt fry is held every spring. Located near many recreational amenities including two state parks, the community has a number of resorts and is a popular visitor stop (source: Beaver Bay: Community Design & Trailhead  -- link below).

The Ojibwa name of this bay is "Ga-gijikensikag, the place of little cedars." (Source: redfox-imagery.com)

Beaver Bay Environment

  •   Beaver Bay Regional Development and the Environment
    • Beaver Bay: Community Design and Trailhead (warning: LARGE file -- 16 MB pdf)
      The potential development of a trailhead and center for the variety of interconnected and multi-jurisdictional trail systems (hiking, biking, snowmobiling, driving and water trails) found along the North Shore. Sections of the report summarize the area’s geography, geology, hydrology, vegetation, ecology, landcover and development.   The 81 page document is heavily illustrated with maps and ideas for potential development. The Center for Changing Landscapes at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA utilized the input of community representatives, state and regional agencies and Lake County officials to develop the report.
    • Soil Disturbance in Lake County (22 KB pdf)
      Conditions requiring a soil disturbance permit are outlined in this one page fact sheet. Soil disturbances associated with Lake Superior shores, other shorelines, wetlands and riparian systems are addressed.
    • Lake County Local Water Management Plan (2005) (130 KB pdf)
    • Sample Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (27 KB pdf)
      for development/construction within Lake County
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Stormwater Information

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Public Health and other Environmental Information

  •   Public and Environmental Health
    • Source Water Assessment for Beaver Bay (2002) (239 KB pdf)
      is a document required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The assessment was carried out under the auspices of the Minnesota Department of Health and provides:
      1. a general description of the area which supplies water to the Beaver Bay water utility;
      2. an overview of why this water supply is susceptible to potential contaminants;
      3. a description of the contaminants of concern which may impact water quality; and
      4. to the extent practical, the origins of these contaminants.
    • Tap Water Quality
      for the community is available as a detailed report that lists individual pollutants; these in turn can be individually clicked to find information on potential sources of pollutant, a health impact summary, a testing summary and a violation summary. Further information on permissible levels and summaries of state and national hot spots for the particular pollutant can be called up also. More detailed information is also available in the drinking water and wastewater sections of our website.
    • Minnesota Lake Superior Beach Monitoring Program
      Provides water quality information based on indicator bacteria (fecal coliform and E. coli) concentrations for Minnesota's public Lake Superior beaches. Tabs at top of the home page provide additional information on the monitoring program, the science behind the program and advice on how to help prevent beach contamination. Includes a novel mapping utility to "see" the sampling sites and their current data and a unique data visualization tool for viewing the data over time or comparing it to other sites and other measurements.
  •   Maps, Demography, Climate
    • Interactive map of Beaver Bay
    • Statistical information
      Demographics, economics, housing, education, climate and more. Similar information is available in differing formats here (a narrative format supported with charts, also identifies regional services supporting Beaver Bay).
    • Weather Report that includes current conditions, 5 day forecast, radar based weather maps, astronomical information (e.g. moon phase and times of sunrise and sunset)