St Louis River, near Cloquet

Cloquet, Minnesota

Cloquet became a city in 1904. Today about 11,000 people call it home on the banks of the St Louis River just off Interstate 35, about a half hour west and south of Duluth. Often referred to as the City of Wood, this colloquial name reflects the city's three major employers that produce a variety of wood products.


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City of Cloquet

Cloquet's nickname - the City of Wood - reflects its 3 major employers:

  • Sappi - coated fine paper
  • United States Gypsum (USG) - ceiling tile containing recycled newspaper
  • Diamond Brands - matchsticks and toothpicks

The first sawmill was built in 1878 and for three or four decades the lumber industry boomed, taking advantage of the surrounding northern pine forests. The chatter of the sawmills gave the city its name, taken from the French word, claquet, meaning the sound of the mill. In October 1918 a forest fire blackened much of north central Minnesota and left Cloquet and the surrounding area a smoking ruin. The city was quickly rebuilt and soon became a national leader in the complete utilization of forest products.

The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation was established by the LaPointe Treaty of 1854 and is one of six Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Reservations. Headquarters are located in Cloquet and the Reservation is adjacent to the city and home to 1353 people (2000 Census).

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