Everyone lives in a watershed!

This website presents information about what streams and watersheds are, how they work and how you can protect them. Explore these fascinating systems using the following links:

   — Learn about the area where this project takes place

  — Gain broader knowledge about streams and watersheds
primer about stream and watershed functions
primer about water quality and how it's measured
impacts to water quality, and how you can help
guides to help you identify the creatures you find in your stream

Explore the streams of western Lake Superior

real-time data
from streams
map of North Shore streams
(see this example)
watershed land use
(see this example)
how data is collected

— Make a difference and get involved
volunteer stream monitoring programs
curriculum for teachers
home and garden tips
for homeowners
landscaping to
reduce runoff

— Answer your questions about stormwater management
explanation of urban hydrology
stream cleaning and maintenance