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Wisconsin Shoreline

  Superior Coastal Plains.
Wisconsin DNR

Nemadji River


Sediment Characteristics of Northwestern Wisconsin's Nemadji River, 1973-2016
Faith A. Fitzpatrick, US Geological Society.

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Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for Natural Resource Injuries Resulting from the Nemadji River Spill
Janet Smith, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Nemadji River Basin Project Phase II Work Plan; 2000-2002
Joanne Rosberg, Carlton County: Water Plan Advisory Committee; Soil and Water Conservation District; Highway Department, and Land and Timber Department, EQIP private landowner group; MPCA; NRCS; MDNR; USDA; USACOE; University of MN; UM-extension. [SWCD web page]

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St. Louis and Lower Nemadji Rivers Watershed (LS01) St. Louis River Area of Concern/Remedial Action Plan
David Conley, Nemadji River Basin Committee; Natural Resources Conservation Service; US Forest Service.
[WI DNR web page]

  Great Lakes Tributary Modeling Program - Nemadji River Basin Project.
Great Lakes Commision.
[GLC web page]
  USGS04024430 Nemadji River Near South Superior, WI
This includes discharge (flow), gage height (stage height), and precipitation.
[USGS web page]

Chequamegon Bay


Our Watershed, Our Water
Traveling the land to our rivers, lakes and drinking glasses
Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin
Understanding and Protecting a Watershed

Becky Sapper, The Nature Conservancy.

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