Beaver River Issues

The Beaver River, from its headwaters to Lake Superior, is listed as Impaired by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for pH, turbidity, and mercury in fish. The pH and turbidity impairments will be addressed via the TMDL process as is currently underway for the Poplar River.

LAKE SUPERIOR BASIN: Beaver River -- Headwaters to Lake Superior
Yr12 River ID#9 Affected use Pollutant or stressor3 Target Start7 Target Completion7 Category14
98 04010102-501 Aquatic consumption Mercury1 Water Column 1999 2011 5A
02 04010102-501 Aquatic life pH 2005 2011 5A
96 04010102-501 Aquatic life Turbidity 2005 2011 5A

Impairment details and footnotes (790 KB xls file)