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 FRP award article
The Cook County News-Herald had an article on the award.
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2008 Citizen Monitoring Program of the Year

Flute Reed Partnership

Minnesota Waters HDR Award sponsored by
HDR Engineering


The Flute Reed Partnership, located near Hovland, MN in Cook County, is named Water Quality Monitoring Program of the Year, sponsored by HDR Engineering. The award recognizes an outstanding water quality monitoring program that directly involves citizens in the gathering, analysis and/or dissemination of information on the health of Minnesota's lakes and rivers. The Flute Reed River Partnership is a citizen driven, organically derived organization that has sprung up to protect a small stream that flows into Lake Superior. The Partnership worked with the former Cook County SWCD employee, Dave Stark, and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) staff to create the Flute Reed River Water Quality Monitoring Plan which lays out goals, monitoring sites, sample parameters, budget needs, quality assurance procedures and an implementation schedule. Aside from training and installation assistance provided by the MPCA and Minnesota Waters, volunteers were expected to use an YSI multi-parameter probe to monitor four sites on the river. In addition, volunteers were responsible for installing and overseeing seven in-stream probes to record stream temperature on a continuous basis. Even before the Partnership started the water quality plan implementation process, it applied for and received an $18,000 MPCA Surface Water Assessment grant to conduct load monitoring on the Flute Reed River. The Partnership is currently involved with the Cook County Highway Department in an effort to stabilize and restore a stream bank disturbed by a new bridge installation. Additionally, the Partnership solicited invitations from land owners willing to have trees planted on their shoreline property. The Flute Reed River Partnership has teamed up with: Minnesota Sea Grant to plant trees and publish a brochure; with University of Minnesota Extension to conduct forest management classes; with the Natural Resources Research Institute to create this Flute Reed River website; and with many other organizations.

2008 winners will receive their awards and a $1,000 grant at Minnesota Waters annual RiverNight gathering of peers and water enthusiasts on August 13, 2008, in St. Paul. Minnesota Waters promotes responsible stewardship of Minnesota's precious water resources by engaging people, state and local policy makers and other like-minded partners. Our mission is accomplished through education, training, consulting, and issue advocacy.