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The Flute Reed
is awarded the

2008 Minnesota Waters Citizen Monitoring Program of the Year!

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Flute Reed Partnership

The Flute Reed Watershed Partnership is a grassroots watershed group in Hovland, MN. We are all volunteers in this non-regulatory effort. Our goal is to educate ourselves and our community about the river’s ecosystem and to positively influence its environment.

Why the Partnership name? We want to partner with our neighbors and fellow stakeholders to accomplish the goal above. We also want to partner with county, state and federal agencies, higher education institutions, other citizen groups and anyone else who can help with support and assistance toward this goal.

Our mission is to foster stewardship within the community, to maintain, restore and enhance the watershed health of the Flute Reed River.





Please join the Flute Reed Partnership!
It's only $10/year, $25/3 years, or $40/5 years
and is tax deductible!!

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Annual Meeting:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 7:00 pm
Hovland Town Hall

In the first half hour we’ll have a Treasurer's report, an update on our big GLRI grant projects and our board election.

At 7:30 Kerrie Berg is going to tell us about rain gardens, i.e. how they help the river, about the gardens that have been built in Cook County and how future grant money might be available to help people in the Flute Reed watershed build them. Kerrie is District Manager at the Cook County Soil & Water District. The whole community is invited.

Carolyn Schmidt is the only nomination for her open seat on the board so she is running unopposed unless FRP members want to write in a candidate. This is a three year term on the board. Please email your vote to Rick Schubert. Voting can also be done at the annual meeting.

Hope to see you on the 23rd!



Annual Meeting:

Thursday, August 1, 2013, 6:30 pm
Hovland Town Hall

Our annual meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm on Thurs, August 1 at the Hovland Town Hall. Immediately following at 7 is a community meeting on our big GLRI projects. Kerrie from SWCD and Dave Stark, our FRP consultant, are giving a presentation explaining on these projects, followed by a tour of two of the construction sites. Mark your calendars.

April 8, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes


August 23, 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes


Annual Meeting:

Thursday, July 28, 2011
5:00-6:30 pm at the Hovland Town Hall

We will have a special talk by Paul Sandstrom on "Has the Flute Reed always run brown?". Paul is with the National Resources Conservation Service in Duluth, part of the US Dept of Agriculture, has fished the Flute Reed many times and has decades of experience with North Shore streams. "The Flute Reed has always been brown" is a comment we often hear. Come find out if it's true. This is a fascinating history of our rivers up here.

We will also have refreshments and an update of our activities over the last year, especially pertaining to our GLRI grant.

See the agenda.

July 5, 2011 Minutes
January 20, 2011 Minutes


October 5, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes
July 29, 2010 Minutes
July 15, 2010 Minutes
April 5, 2010 Minutes
March 3, 2010 Minutes

Minutes from previous meetings

August 11, 2009 Minutes
July 11, 2009 Minutes
April 27, 2009 Minutes
November 3, 2008 Minutes
September 22, 2008 Minutes
August 25, 2008 Minutes
July 28, 2008 Minutes
June 30 , 2008 Minutes
March 24, 2008 Minutes
February 27, 2008 Minutes
January 28, 2008 Minutes
October 29, 2007 Minutes
September 24, 2007 Minutes

Spring on the river

April 2014: Photo used with permission by Bryan Hansel Photography. http://www.bryanhansel.com

February 2014: The video on our GLRI projects on the Flute Reed last year is ready. Videography by Carl Hansen.

July 2013: Construction is starting on our big GLRI stream bank stabilization projects, pending the river flow going down. You'll see a lot of activity and big equipment around the river the next two months.

View the press release.

June 2013: Flute Reed Restoration: The Lake Superior Project is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Tree Planting


Tree Planting

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2009 Star Grant final report

Flute Reed River Watershed Monitoring Plan (2008 - 2010)

Flute Reed Watershed Guide (April 2007 Draft)

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