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Developed by MPCA and initiated by the Minnesota Stormwater Design Team, which evolved into the Minnesota Stormwater Steering Committee (SSC), the 2014 Stormwater Manual production was directed by the SSC’s Manual Sub-Committee (MSC). A listing of contributors and participants in the process appears in the Acknowledgements section.

The Manual is designed to be user-friendly and flexible to guide users directly to the information they need, depending upon the question they need to answer or Best Management Practice (BMP) they need to design. This website was developed in an interactive wiki format to make it easy for the user to get to the subject of interest and to move between subjects.

The Stormwater Manual is a comprehensive stormwater-management tool that addresses the adverse impacts of stormwater runoff facing Minnesota water professionals. The manual guides professionals and newcomers alike through the process of designing sites that control stormwater, shows how to choose the best BMPs for a site, demonstrates the impact of cold climates on runoff management--and much more.

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For new users of this website, we have provided Guidance on how to use this website and the Manual.