Erosion Prevention/Erosion Control

Definition: Measures employed to prevent erosion including: soil stabilization practices, limited grading, mulch, temporary or permanent cover, compost application, and construction phasing.

Erosion control is especially important in the Northland due to clay soils.  It is hard to “settle out”clays once they are suspended in water. The best bet is to get your soils on the site stabilized so that they don’t get carried away by stormwater runoff.

Erosion Control =
Preventing (or minimizing) the dislodgment of soil particles
Sediment Control =
Controlling soil movement resulting from failed erosion control practices

Phasing & sequencing of construction

Mulch and hydroseeding

Erosion control blankets

Poor quality topsoil

Cat tracking - so grooves are perpendicular to water flow

Sediment Control

Definition: methods employed to prevent sediment from leaving the site -- including silt fence, sediment traps, earth dikes, drainage swales, check dams, subsurface drains, pipe slope drains, storm drain inlet protection, and temporary or permanent sedimentation basins.

Once soil is suspended in water runoff, the goal is to slow down the water and let the sediment fall out. Controlling sediment and turbid water discharge is vital to complying with your permit. Soil on the roads, in stormwter system pipes, in wetlands or green areas off your site not only makes your site look bad not just to potential buyers, but to the owner of the project too!

Inlet protection (rock bags, pop-up risers, inlet bags)
Ditch checks (rock, rip rap, biorolls)
Silt fence
Filter or buffer strips (work with silt fence too)
Compost logs –absorb lots of water
Soil berms

Slideshows with local and regional examples:

Erosion Control Slideshow: Local Conditions - NE Minnesota

MPCA (J. Dexter) &
MN DOT (T.Campbell)
Duluth Offices

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(additional BMPs)

Minnesota Erosion &
Sediment Control Training &
Certification Program

The Tools in the Toolbox

Minnesota Erosion Control Assn.
Emmons & Olivier Resources

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Urban Small Sites Best Management Practice Manual