Maintenance and Inspection

Once you install your BMPs, you’re done right?  NOPE.  You are required to maintain your silt fence, inlet protection, and other BMPs until the end of the project when everything is stabilized.

Minnesota and Wisconsin have very specific requirements for maintaining and inspecting stormwater BMPs and record keeping in order to comply with your permit, and more importantly to prevent degradation of our water resources.

Common Maintenance items:

  • silt fence empty when 1/3 full
  • silt fence repair within 24 hours of discovery
  • inlet protection maintenance
  • keep a log of inspections
  • street sweeping

The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (MOEA) Pollution Prevention and MPCA Stormwater Groups have created an excellent tool, a calendar, for helping track maintenance and permit compliance Download it from here.

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Stormwater Compliance Calendar (1.8 MB pdf)

Wisconsin DNR Stormwater has an online Wizard for stormwater information that has all the forms and related information.

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Stormwater information Wizard