Working near Special Waters
(trout streams, wetlands, Lake Superior, etc)

  • Did you know there are 12 trout streams in the Duluth city limits?
  • And dozens more along the north shore and south shore of Lake Superior?
  • If you are working in Hermantown, chances are you are near a wetland.
  • Construction near the Lake Superior shoreline? It's extremely sensitive to disturbance and can degrade coastal zone wildlife and fisheries habitats.

All these sites require special considerations and rapid stabilization to prevent excess stormwater runoff, erosion and the discharge of sediments and other pollutants from degrading our water bodies

Photo: D. Hansen,
MN Extension

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Overview of Special Waters
in Northeast Minnesota

Overview of Special Waters  (422 KB pdf) Overview of Special Waters (422 KB pdf)

Visit the South St. Louis County SWCD and the MPCA for more specific information.

Special Waters include:

  • Lake Trout and trout lakes
  • Trout streams 
  • Scientific & Natural Areas
  • Wilderness
  • Scenic/recreational water
  • Lake Superior
  • Mississippi River
  • National Parks