Underground Stormwater Storage System Examples

Concrete Stormwater Storage System Associated with a Parking Lot; Lombard, IL
Source: http://www.stormwater.info/sw_0307_stormwater.html

Commercially Available StormChamber™ Offered by HydoLogic Solutions Inc.
Source: HydroLogic Solutions Inc

Prefabricated Fiberglass Storage Tanks Produced By Conder Products UK.
Can be used individually or in an interconnected series or “farm” (shown above).
Source: Conder Products

Individual Unit
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Commercially Available Prefabricated Plastic Stormwater Storage Units Designed to be used Beneath Structures and Other Amenities. Individual, Stackable Units are 1 meter x 1 meter x 0.1 meters (h) and Store around 25 gallons of Water per Unit.
Source: Invisible Structures, Inc.

Corrugated Metal Pipe System for Underground Stormwater Storage;
Supplied by Contech Construction Products, USA.
Source: Contech Construction Products, USA