NEMO and Conservation Design,
Low Impact Design, Smart Growth,
and Sustainable Development

Although there are many technical, and some philosophical differences between conservation design, low impact design, smart growth and sustainable development schools of thought, they are very similar in terms of their underlying “hydrologic” and water pollution prevention principles. Project NEMO incorporates many of these principles in its program and has been working with western Lake Superior communities to implement planning policies to conserve our streams, lakes, and wetlands and protect Lake Superior.


Northland NEMO Brochure
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Northland NEMO Program Summary 2010
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Project NEMO (Nonpoint source pollution Education for Municipal Officials) is a nationally recognized educational program for land use decision makers that addresses the relationship between land use and natural resource protection.

The basic NEMO educational presentation – Linking Land Use to Water Quality – explains the links between land use, water quality, and community character. Beyond the basics, Northland NEMO works with the community through additional presentations, materials, and guidance to help move forward on the two major aspects of natural resource-based planning: planning for areas to be preserved, and planning for developed or developing areas.


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Conservation Design
Low Impact Development
Smart Growth
Sustainable Development



Building Superior Coastal Communities

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Building Superior Coastal Communities
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