backhoe moving riprapThe City of Duluth used rip rap to stabilize an eroding bend of Amity Creek after applying for a DNR permit, valid from June 1 - August 31, 2002.

Erosion Problem on Amity Creek

In August of 2000 the City of Duluth started a project to repair an erosion problem on Amity Creek. The project took place 1/2 mile downstream from Amity Street, where the snowmobile trail branches off to Hawks Ridge. The creek had eroded its bank to a point where the snowmobile and hiking trail was falling into the creek. A great deal of this eroding sediment was entering the stream. The project involved cleaning sediment and woody debris from the section of stream. The channel was then dug out ant the bank rebuilt with a slope less likely to erode. 250 tons of rip rap (rock) were placed along a 150 foot section of the bank to ensure that high water levels from rain storms would not washout the bank.

Upon completion of the bank stabilization, rock structures were placed in the stream channel, creating areas of fast and slow moving water which provided better fish habitat.

newly placed rip rap vegetated rip rap
Soon after the project was completed, vegetation began establishing on the rip-rap, returning the natural appearance to the stream bank.