Kingsbury Creek History

William Wallace Kingsbury, for whom the creek is named, was a well known resident and Minnesota Territory congressional delegate in the 1850's and 60's. He owned land along the creek and had built a cabin there which was well known to area folks for its library. Mr. Kingsbury made this cabin available to those in need while he was in St. Paul in 1857 for the state Constitutional Convention and the congress session for the Minnesota Territory in 1857 & 1858.

In 1861 the land passed into the hands of Francis Morrisett thru the 1855 Bounty Land Act. Around 1904 it was acquired by Guilford G. Hartley who willed it to his son Cavour Hartley in 1932. In 1963 the property was acquired by the state thru tax forfeit and put under the jurisdiction of the City of Duluth.