Mission Creek Photographs

Shoreline photos

2007 Oblique Photo - click to enlarge

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These oblique aerial photographs along the north shore and parts of the St. Louis River estuary were collected in 2002 and 2007 with funding through Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program, under Project 306-12-02: Oblique Aerial Photos of St. Louis County's Lake Superior Coast to Enhance GIS Systems

1. Upstream from Evergreen
Memorial Highway.
2. Historic bridge 5757 at
132nd Ave. W. and Hwy 23
3. Upstream from the dam. (see next photo) 4. Dam, 1/4 mile upstream from West 9th St.

The Duluth Budgeteer News had an article about volunteers working on the City of Duluth's Mission Creek Trail, a part of which is the Superior Hiking Trail spur from the Fond du Lac Park Trailhead (131st Ave. W). The city furnished all materials for the construction of some steep steps in a badly eroded clay trail. The article is no longer available for free online, but these images are still available from the Budgeteer's archived photo galleries (Oct 06, 2006).