Periphyton on shallow, sun
exposed waterfall (Amity Cr.)

Nutrients & Eutrophication

What's the problem ?

Excess nutrients, mainly the same phosphorus and nitrogen that you use to fertilize house and garden plants, and sometimes unnecessarily your lawn, cause enormous problems in water bodies. The most visual evidence is usually seen as over-abundant growths of algae on stream rocks and submerged branches and along the shoreline. In lakes, you'll see it along the lakeshore on rocks, dock pilings, and by pool-table green lakes and noxious scums of algae. Even the most pristine of streams and lakes can have some visible growth of filamentous algae and there is usually a slippery film on shoreline and submerged rocks that you can scrape off with your fingernails.

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Algae Mats
Algal mats in Talmadge Creek.
MPCA image

Filamentous Algae
Filamentous algae in ATV damaged
section of Amity Creek.

Periphyton Patches
Periphyton patches on sun-exposed stretch of French River upstream of DNR hatchery.

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