Lake Superior Zoo
Photo from the Lake Superior Zoo

Visit these links to learn about some of the mammals frequenting Lake Superior Streams:

The Mammals

Did you see a flash of fur as you were ambling down your favorite Lake Superior stream? No, it probably wasn't Sasquatch. More likely it was one of the following critters.

Mammals that depend on Lake Superior streams for their primary habitat or their primary food source include beaver, mink, muskrat, river otter, and raccoons. Some of these animals build their homes in the streams, some spend their waking hours in the streams, and all of them find food in the streams.

Other mammals, often seen within the city limits of Duluth, use the river corridors for habitat and foraging. A few that you might be lucky enough to spot are the white-tailed deer, eastern cottontail rabbit, red fox, skunk, and grey squirrel. Learn about these animals using the links on the right.

Canada Lynx

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