Fish in Lake Superior Streams

The number and variety fishes that may be found in the stream or river near your house may surprise you. Most, of course, are not game fish. Fish communities change from one area to another because of such factors as water temperature, water velocity and clarity, alkalinity, and available habitat. Across the US for instance, a typical Pacific mountain stream may contain the fry and smolts of salmonids (trout and salmon), sculpins (fishes of the Family Cottidae), various small minnows that like shallow and rapidly-moving water, and brook lamprey. A typical Great Basin stream, on the other hand, being muddier, deeper, and warmer, may contain catfish, suckers, many minnows, and members of the Family Centrarchidae, with bass and sunfish of various kinds.

The streams in Duluth and along the North & South Shores are, in general, very similar, so we find similar fish communities throughout the region. The list to the right shows the most common fish found in Duluth streams. These are the fish most often caught during MN DNR Fisheries surveys or during various research projects. We will soon be posting the actual survey results.

Trout streams in the Lake Superior Basin

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