Study AreaLakeside project area
(Study design)

Amity TributaryAmity Creek tributary receiving stormwater from the neighborhood. Shown after a light rain.

Lakeside Neighborhood
Stormwater Runoff Reduction Project

(a Weber Stream Restoration Initiative project)

UMD scientists, city utilities staff, and local environmental engineers have teamed up with homeowners in Lakeside to determine the best ways to reduce stormwater runoff from a Duluth residential neighborhood. This project will investigate the techniques that reduce runoff the most and their ease of maintenance for homeowners. The ultimate goal is to use what works best to reduce runoff contributing to problems in Amity Creek and other sensitive streams in the region.

Project leaders are Chris Kleist, Duluth Utilities and Dr. Valerie Brady, Natural Resources Research Institute and Minnesota Sea Grant.

On July 8, 2009 Northland News ran a story on this project. Visit their website to watch the video.

More information will be coming soon.