Lower Amity Creek

Lower Amity Creek - select a shaded area to zoom-in East Branch Amity Creek Mainstem Amity Creek

The aqua blue line shows two branches of Amity Creek as they join together behind Hawk Ridge and then come down Seven Bridges Road, with the upper Lakeside neighborhood visible to the lower right. The main road running north to south in the picture is Jean Duluth Road. (North is a the top of the aerial photograph)

You can click on a shaded area on this image to learn some of the issues on the east branch or the mainstem of Amity Creek.

This presentation created by Valerie Brady. Maps and stream linework from the NRRI GIS laboratory; pictures by Valerie Brady. Interpretations by Valerie Brady and Jane Reed, Natural Resources Research Institute, U. of Minnesota-Duluth.

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